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        JourneyMap Mod

        JourneyMap Mod is a client mod for?Forge?which maps your?Minecraft?world in real-time as you explore. You can view the map in a web browser or in-game as a Minimap or full-screen.


        This mod?works in single-player and multi-player worlds, including MultiVerse-enabled servers.??(No server-side mod is needed.)??You get a daylight map, a moonlight map, cave maps by vertical slice, Nether maps, and End maps.?? You can see nearby monsters and other players. You can also save a copy of any map as a PNG file.


        • It works in single-player and multi-player worlds without the need for a server-side mod.
        • You can use the new Minimap or the full-screen map in-game.
        • You get a daylight map, a moonlight map, cave maps by vertical slice, Nethermaps, and End maps.
        • Do you use Rei’s Minimap or Zan’s Minimap (VoxelMap) ?? Your waypoints will now be displayed on the maps.
        • You can see nearby monsters, animals, villagers, pets, named mobs, and other players.
        • You can auto-map an entire single-player world with the click of a button
        • You can also save a PNG image of any map.
        • With new IOS and Android support, you can even use your iPad or Android Tabletas a live map display.




        Minecraft Forge

        JourneyMap now comes in two editions : FairPlay and Unlimited.

        • FairPlay Edition disables Radar and Cave mapping when in Multi-Player.
        • Unlimited Edition has all features enabled for Single- and Multi-Player.

        JourneyMap Mod Download Links:

        File Name Status Game Version Date
        journeymap-1.12.2-5.5.5b9 Beta 1.12.2 Jul 9, 2019
        journeymap-1.12.2-5.5.4 Release 1.12.2 Mar 4, 2019
        journeymap-1.12.2-5.5.2 Release 1.12.2 Nov 9, 2017
        journeymap-1.12.1-5.5.1 Release 1.12.1 Oct 20, 2017
        journeymap-1.12-5.5.1 Release 1.12 Oct 20, 2017
        journeymap-1.11.2-5.5.1 Release 1.11.2 Oct 20, 2017
        journeymap-1.10.2-5.5.1 Release 1.10.2 Oct 20, 2017
        journeymap-1.9.4-5.5.1 Release 1.9.4 Oct 20, 2017
        journeymap-1.9-5.5.1 Release 1.9 Sep 23, 2017
        journeymap-1.8.9-5.2.4 Release 1.8.9 Jun 30, 2016
        journeymap-1.7.10-5.1.4p1 Release 1.7.10 Apr 29, 2016
        journeymap-1.8-5.1.3 Release 1.8 Dec 5, 2015
        JourneyMap4.0.3_Unlimited_MC1.7.2.jar Release 1.7.2 Jul 29, 2014
        JourneyMap4.0.3_Unlimited_MC1.6.4.jar Release 1.6.4 Jul 29, 2014
        JourneyMap2.6.1_MC1.5.2.zip Release 1.5.2 Jul 29, 2014
        JourneyMap1.9.1_MC1.4.6.zip Release 1.4.6 Jul 29, 2014

        Credits: techbrew

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